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Welcome to Electronic Filing Solutions Australia!

We provide facilities for businesses to have their files and documents transferred from paper (hard copies) to soft copy by scanning these items for easy access or to transfer to other parties. The scanning will be completed in a secure setting and “offline” with privacy and security being a high priority. EFSA can also provide onsite services for those small administration needs.

At EFSA we can scan your documents which allows you to find them at the click of a mouse and free up that unproductive storage space that paper files take up. It also allows you to transfer information to other parties with ease.  Instead of taking boxes of documents to your Accountants at tax time, you can take all that information on a memory stick in your pocket.

Common Applications include

  • Accounts Payable
  • Accounts Receivables
  • Proof of Delivery 
  • Human Resources
  • And so much more.

fromthisWe can scan A3 A4 A4R and A5R size documents to your requirements. The scanning will be completed in a secure setting with privacy being a high priority. The Scanning process is done "offline" to ensure there is no chance of hacking. 

You can arrange for delivery of your documents yourself or we will collect your documents from your office for scanning.

The Documents can be sorted for you into labeled folders, for ease of finding.

Eg.  2012 March Accounts.

We then return the soft copy on disk / memory stick and the hard copy documents can either be returned to your or if the hard copy / paper documents are no longer required, they can be sent by us to a secure shredding facility.*

So start saving precious company time and money, and costly storage space and have all your documents in easy to find computer soft copy folders.

(*) Fees apply

EFSA can also provide onsite services for those office administration jobs that don’t require a permanent staff member but do need to be done. EFSA have qualified bookkeepers, data entry operators, or just that extra person to help keep the flow of work happening in your office.

Call us to discuss how we can help your needs. Call Kerri on 0428 515 799 or Paul on 0401 011 198.

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